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Targetop focuses on promoting businesses online,
as an instrument for revenue increase,
expanding clientele and optimising sales funnels

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Our Services:

Building Amazing Websites

We have a visual vision for your company- this vision begins with a website that your visitors will want to stay in

Google Campaign Management

There's an audience out there looking for your services! Targetop strives to bring your business to the front stage.

Social Media Management

Facebook, Instagram or Linkedin business pages designed to attract new customers - Targetop makes it possible.

Social Media Advertising

We'll match the right advertising platform to your business and market segment in order to meet your desired KPI

Merketing Consulting Services

Designing budget oriented, marketing strategies in different channels, is what we do. Set a call with us for consulting.

B2B Digital Services

Are you a B2B company? Targetop will create the right campaign to market your business to potential business clients.

Branded Digital Assets

Targetop will create a complete digital assets set which delivers a unified message that truly represent your business's values.

Online Sales Enhancement

Targetop offers a unique type of promotion for online stores, in order to drive purchase intent traffic to your online property.